Services / Landscape design

Landscape design projects are required firstly in order to prevent your garden or park area from becoming a chaotic clutter of plants and infrastructural elements. "Green" zones create a specific atmosphere of relaxation and for that reason, our landscape designers think very carefully about every detail of the garden or park space, enhancing and furnishing it according to the customer’s requirements.

The configuration and ornamentation of the site is closely connected with the architectural features of the buildings located on top of it. Our landscape design experts will perform improvements to the project area by initially providing sketches and drawings of the enhanced space, and then they will produce a functional zoning to allocate economic and front zones, recreation areas, playgrounds and sports grounds. Only at the end of the zoning process may the style of the garden be chosen. A list of necessary supplies and plants will be made, and also small architectural forms will be selected.

We have considerable experience in landscape design. At every level of our work we strictly adhere to the "Regulations for the establishment, maintenance and protection of green spaces in Baku." Our company offers full-service design and implementation of the project on your site.